FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions might answer some of your questions.

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How does this even work?
“We come out to your home for a free consultation and do a walk through discussing how we can help you. We agree upon a start date, we sign a contract and then Graceful Changes Gets to work.”

How do we get paid?
“After the sale has concluded, we send you a invoice for our services.  However, if you are receiving monies back we enclose a cashiers check. You will also receive your charity receipts”

What does this cost?​
“After we do a walk through we will determine a % of the sales that will work for both parties. Sometimes depending on the job difficulty there is an additional clean out fee.”

What is a home clean out?
“A home clean out is when you hire us to come in to the to host a sale as well as completely empty the home of all items and debris.”

What is an Estate Sale?
An estate sale is strictly prepping staging and selling of items. This is different from a clean out.”

How do you determine what needs to be sold vs given to charity?
“We try to sell every item first and then donate what is left.”

Is it hard to go though some one possessions that has died?
“No, we consider it a privilege to handle deceased loved ones items. We understand that they items were treasures to them and try to handling with respect.”

What do you do with the items that do not sell?
“We always try to sell items first and then donate to local charities.  If an item cannot be donated then we recycle or place in the refuse.”

Do you advertise?
“Yes.  We post ads locally, on our website, to include; Facebook, and Estate Sale.org. We also have a huge email list of customers that follow our sales.”

Do I help with the sale?
“All we ask you to do is to remove or mark all items you want then you leave the rest to us.”

Can I be present at the sale?
“We encourage you to stay away from the home during prep and sale days. It is a very emotional transition for loved ones and it can often hinder the sale of items and production of our team.”


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