Pricing & Flat Fee

We have many questions about how pricing works or what flat fees are for services.

Every home and sale is a unique set of circumstances.  Because each home, like a person is unique, it comes with new challenges. Graceful Changes Estate Sales is a full service company.  When you hire us we sell everything we can sell.  There are times that items do not sell.  In this case we donate what needs to go to charity and dispose of the rest. When we leave a home it is completely empty, floors swept and vacuumed ready for your next phase.

When we have a sale we take a 40% cut of total sales. We understand that your items have value.  Unfortunately in today’s market, the once sought after collectable is now worth penny’s on the dollar and it costs more to host sales. Because of these changes each home usually has an additional flat fee added to help cover all the expenses to conduct an estate sale.

With that said, we are very conscious and experienced of items that do have added value and we price these items accordingly.

I look forward to hear from you and answering your questions.


Lori Weaver
Owner of Graceful Changes Estate Sales and Home Clean Outs