How it Works

Graceful Changes provides services for complete estate liquidation to downsizing sales, but you may wonder how it works.  Here is a snapshot of what happens

First you need to know we are committed to providing excellent customer service to not only you, but the buyers who show up on the day of your sale.

  • Customers are greeted promptly by our friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Merchandise and the home are constantly straightened up to maintain a fresh appearance
  • We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for payment
  • All checks are made out to Graceful Changes to ensure you have no liability
  • Our staff will carefully assist customers when removing their purchases
  • We provide lots of roadway signage for customers to find your sale

Graceful Changes will provide the following

  • A contract agreement between Graceful Changes and our you our client; detailing the provisions and expectations for the sale
  • We furnish all tables and any additional merchandising items needed for the sale
  • Careful sorting of your estate items; no need to throw anything away before we arrive
  • We expertly price all items individually to obtain the highest possible fair market value
  • We provide carpet protection for the entire house, if necessary and requested
  • Secure all areas of home at the end of each day of the sale
  • Represent you and your family in a professional and courteous manner

At the Completion of a Graceful Changes Estate Sale

  • Any pickup arrangements for remaining items will be addressed
  • All signage will be removed from the home and roadways
  • Sales supplies and tables will be removed on or before the agreed upon date
  • If you desire, arrangements can be made with a charity of your choice or we can provide one for any remaining estate items. Donations may be tax deductible.
  • Full payment will be made within 5 days from completion of the sale
  • Carpet protection will be removed, if provided
  • Keys will be returned to the clients


We Help Make Your Transition Smooth

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Graceful Changes, LLC is a limited liability company in Washington State.  Serving Snohomish and King County Since 2010