Walk Through & Initial Meeting

Before we determine if a sale is possible in your home, we must schedule a walk through. During this initial meeting, it is an opportunity for us to get to know you.  This also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get to know us and how we can help you.  We will walk through your home and listen to your thoughts and questions and try to answer questions as clearly as possible.

We are honest in our assessment as to keep surprises at a minimum. During the initial walk through, we will not give promises of how a sale will go or provide a monetary number at this meeting.  The reason for this is because it is impossible to gauge how well your sale will go.  There are many factors that come in to play. Graceful Changes Estate Sales has a large following and work very hard to promote each and every estate sale.  Nonetheless, there are factors outside our control that can sometimes affect the popularity of a sale.  During the walk through I will explain you are hiring us to sell, donate and dispose of family items. When the sale is complete, we will leave the home swept and vacuumed ready for the next phase

After our walk through and initial meeting, you will receive an email outlining all the things we spoke about.  We will also include a contract for you to review and sign if you wish to move forward with the estate sale.  After we receive your signed contract, we will schedule date for your sale.

I look forward to hear from you,

Lori Weaver
Owner of Graceful Changes Estate Sales and Home Clean Outs